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Looking for your sound?

Forget your worries and go Banana.

Your one-stop music shop

Mixer Keys 2
Microphone Sound Editing
Alex Olteanu


Board Game Designer

“Banana is truly one of the most amazing music studios I've ever been. In there, you get instantly immersed into the sound production universe. They produce amazing soundtracks.

G. Chini Gani

Ratto Games

Video Game Developer

“(Caio) makes use of harmonic progressions inspired in the traditional classical composers blended with iconic motivic material and punctuated by very characteristic rhythm patterns that he brings from his South American culture.”

Tomasz Golka

Riverside Philharmonic

Music Director

“Mr Souza has genuine signature that can be found all over his work and at the same time is flexible and knows how to write in many different styles.”

Alexandre Jannuzzi

Audiomancer Studios

Video Game Composer

“High-end equipments and amazing professionals at the studio. The vintage gear and top quality plugins make a difference. Banana Music always gives you the best audio solutions.”

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